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What students say

I’m loving this class and you have me thinking and forward planning my painting, if that makes sense. I”m also enjoying for the first time water based oils and round pointed brushes.


Not too long ago I moved from NH to CA. Took 6 months to get my house organized and bingo we were under “house arrest" for the virus and I hadn’t painted in almost a year and lost my creativity. I looked on "‘Bold Brush” and found a class listed as “paint the California desert” I liked the painting that advertised the class and when I spoke to Kristen I knew it was a go. I’m a moderately experienced painter and loved watching Kristen demonstrate and talk about what she was doing. I understood what she was saying and learned about round brushes and how to use them. I love to watch Kristen's brush work. It makes me want to paint. Not only that, she has a sense of humor, is refreshing easy to talk to, and loves to teach.


I have been following Kristen’s fun video lessons one after another on teachable for a while. With her teaching I learned how to mix vibrant impressionistic colors and brushstrokes. Paint along with her is always fun and enjoyable. 


We will dive into color mixing, I'll demonstrate how to balance a bold palette, you can learn about dramatic light and shadow, perspective, composition and more.

My palette will be visible during the entire paint-along demonstration. Prior to watching the video you can download and print the reference photos, notes, diagrams and drawings for each lesson. This lesson includes a 1 1/2 hour paint-along video recording that you can stop, pause, rewind and replay as many times as you like.